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November 12, 2014 Calgary Chapter Meeting sponsored by Ledcor

Kevin Noakes, President of SPED Calgary Chapter opened the SPED Calgary Chapter Member’s Meeting and Technical Presentation at 5.45 pm, held at Belfry Gastro House on Nov. 12th 2014. Thirty people attended the event and both of the Belfry presentation rooms were opened to provide comfortable seating and space for those present.

Welcoming all the members, Kevin emphasized that being members of SPED we are all ambassadors for SPED and should promote SPED at our work places. As SPED ambassadors our knowledge of piping design effects the face of SPED and he presented members with a “Piping Team task list” for their reference noting that continued training and upgrading is necessary to progress through various piping design roles.

Paul Bowers, SPED CC Director-at-Large, in collaboration with other SPED CC members, has been writing technical articles on behalf of SPED that have been published in the last 4 issues of BIC Magazine. Kevin invited all SPED members and their associates to write and submit Piping Design topics for submission to BIC Magazine.

Kevin provided an update of SPED Houston activities. Dow Chemicals joined SPED and is currently rotating a member on the Board of Directors of SPED. They will prepare new Piping Design videos for SPED distribution in 2015. As well the SPED website is currently in development and is not available but problems like re-certification payment receipt delay will be resolved quickly when it starts operating in 2015.

Ross Morrison, Business Relations Manager of Ledcor’s Industrial Division, assisted by Paul Bond, President, Pioneer Engineering, were introduced as the meeting’s featured technical presenters on the topic of “Construction technology for Oil sands development”.

Topics presented were:

  1. How LEDCOR proceeds from EPC engineering to fabrication and installation;
  2. Explanation of site capture and the related scopes LEDCOR offer;
  3. Workflow and interface with engineering;
  4. Innovations LEDCOR can provide on projects;
  5. Siding and transportation, highway corridors for modules in Alberta;
  6. Interactions, RFI’s how these are presented and resolved;
  7. SCM – current market pinch points with materials and engineering;
  8. Pipe line capabilities, services;
  9. Information on other LEDCOR construction divisions.

Ledcor treated all in attendance to their first round of drinks and, at an intermission half way through the presentation, to a generous amount of a variety of different pizzas. After a brief Question and Answer session, the meeting was adjourned at 8pm.

A PDU certificate of attendance (2 PDU`s) for this SPED event will be emailed to each person that signed- in. $120 was collected at the door from non-members for deposit in the SPED Calgary Chapter bank account.

In addition, during the meeting, Ross Morrison, LEDCOR, offered to become a SPED Corporate Member and to return in 2015 to sponsor another meeting and provide a more detailed technical presentation of site construction project work in the Oil Sands, brining with him a LEDCOR construction manager and construction engineer (date to be determined); Paul Bond, Pioneer Engineering, also offered to become a SPED Member and provide a technical presentation on stress analysis and support design for a SPED CC meeting in 2015 (date TBD); and Jay Roman & Irene Radcliffe, SPED members, from Cansel / Autodesk, offered to provide a technical presentation/demonstration of AutoCAD Plant 3D in 2015( date TBD). See you all there in 2015.


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SPED Calgary Officers

Kevin Noakes, President
Paul Bowers, President
Jean-Marc Cloutier, Vice-President
Lauren Yun, Treasurer
Bir Khangoura, Secretary
Clarence Wynter, Executive-at-Large
Terri Robb, Executive-at-Large
Jacques de Fortier, Executive-at-Large


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